Saturday, October 6, 2012

How To Clear Your Web History in Google Chrome,Firefox and Internet Explorer 9


For Google Chrome

Click on the wrench icon, select tools and then choose the Clear browsing data option–alternatively you could hit the Ctrl+Shift+Del keyboard combination.


A new dialog box appears;now uncheck all the options besides Clear browsing history and Clear download history, you will also need to change the the option to obliterate the data from the beginning of time as shown below.


For Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Firefox button, expand the History section and select the Clear recent history option, alternatively you could go for the Ctrl+Shift+Del keyboard combination.

Change the time range to Everything and then expand Details.


Uncheck everything except the Browsing & Download History and then click the Clear Now button.


For Internet Explorer 9

Click on the settings button, navigate to safety and choose the Delete browsing history option again you have the option of pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Del keyboard combination.

Uncheck all the options except for History and then click the delete button.


Hence,in this way every bit of "History" can be erased from your machine!

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