Monday, October 8, 2012

How To Optimise Your Internet Speed


Optimisation 1
Delete the browsing history, cookies, and website cacheof your web browser ( in most there is now a "Clear Private Data" button in the main menu). Clearing out any lingering cookies and freeing the memory will speed up and optimise your browser.

Optimisation 2
Increase the cache size which will speed up your back button action and also speeds up repetitive banners and graphics.Installing a web caching service like Squid Proxy or Opera Turbo can greatly optimise your load times by storing commonly accessed parts on websites locally.

Optimisation 3
Use a faster browser,like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox . These are quick-rendering browsers, and will load pages at greater speeds than other browsers,

Optimisation 4
Close all other background applications from the windows task manager. Some of these applications may be using up the internet bandwith without your knowledge.

Optimisation 5
Remove any inessential add-ons, toolbars or extensions that your browser may have. These can not only slow down your web browser, but can sometimes report back to their authors, compromising your online privacy.

Optimisation 6
Download the free tool TCP Optimiser. TCP Optimizer is regarded as the top tool for this specific job of Internet connection tweaking and has a massive feature list. It is easy to use,and WILL greatly optimise your internet connection speeds. Adjust the settings automatically,or manually using this wonderful tool.

Despite of trying out all these steps, if your connection fails to provide you the speeds mentioned in your data plan, submit a complaint to your ISP.

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